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About Us

" Thanks to their clear reporting, consistent performance, and quick turnaround time - TimSu is a clear choice in a competitive market "

Who are we

We are a passionated independent media planing and buying agency of more than 30 experts located in our headquarters in the center of Seoul, Dubai and So Paulo.
We are a leading independent media planning and media buying agency with an unique analytics approach.
Our indepandancy allows us to react flexible, quick and reliable to meet the high demand of our customers.
Founded in 1996 on the tenet a client's return on investment (ROI) should be at the forefront of its advertising efforts. By adopting a media agnostic approach, TimSu is able to funnel our clients' budgets toward the most effective media channels and maximize the return on their investment.


Jan Haller

Jan Haller is Managing Director Operations and oversees all business activities globally. He is located in Seoul but mostly traveling to meet clients and our international offices.

Sina Meyer

Sina is our Head of Advertisers and builds the bridge between our publishing team and our advertisers to ensure the high quality of our campaigns.

Sang-Soo Park

Sang-Soo Park is half Korean - half American and one of it's founders. He does not have an active role in the company anymore, but he serves as an advisor to our management team.
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